Status update: 6/12

Hi. I am back with a small status update – though there is not much new to report on just yet. I am still working on the current mini-set renders, and that will likely be another week still, based on the previous two months. (I really am trying to get them done sooner – it just keeps turning out this way somehow.) We will have to see what else I have time for once that gets situated… I just have not had enough time to work on much else these past few months, with all the complicating factors. I have a bunch of things related to this project that I would like to do… but I just need to get the time for it.

As for other stuff – I do plan to get some side renders done this month… but I don’t know if I will post them on DA anymore; the “new” eclipse layout is just so fucking terrible. I presume their total site traffic has halved at least due to that mess; since very few people seem to have been checking my DA page since that update… and that is compared to what I normally got there before. (I also know several artists that have effectively quit the site over it.) That forced update also really shows a clear lack of regard for their users, and especially the artists; since most of the worst parts of eclipse relate to managing content. I did also list all currently retired mini-sets on my gumroad page, so that is available up top for anyone interested. More votes in the polls on the right here would be nice as well – as I may even use one of those characters in a side render… we will see what happens a bit later on. Anyway – I will be back soon with another update of some sort… but in the mean time, check out the special offer on my Patreon page if you haven’t already!

*This special offer runs from June 3, until the end of July, 2020.*
With this special offer, any tier pledge can get one free bonus mini-set of your choice (per month) from the following selection:
$2 tier – Any mini-set from the first 20!
$8 tier and above – Any mini-set from my first 50!!!
Check my mini-set master catalog to see what mini-set you would like, here: ​​
*You have to send me a private message on Patreon after you sign up, and let me know which mini-set you want in order to get anything.*
I will then send you a download link as soon as I can – likely within a day or so.

So if you would like to support my assorted works, and/or perhaps get access to some of my paid content, then check out my Patreon page!:

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