New short story, “Tiny’s Birthday” now available!

Hey again, a quick status update before I get tot he actual content here. I did make a new animation, but there are still minor issues with it – so I don’t want to post it just yet. I also want to make this animation a bit longer/better, and it takes more time to do that; as it takes a dozen hours to even render what I have so far, despite the limits I have to put on each frame. (Patrons just got an image preview of what it contains, just FYI.) However, it is now so close to the end of the month that I have to put the animation aside for the moment and work on the new mini-set preview, which will get posted sometime tomorrow or Friday. I will go back to the animation after that gets done though – and we will see how that works out; I hope to make it a little better than it currently is – if I can get the time.

Sorry about that slight delay on that – but I did finally finish my third short story, which goes with last month’s mini-set (Zayla and her pet minotaur, TIny) and it is after the ‘read more’ break below! (There may be a few minor issues here and there, but I will check it again tomorrow – I am far too tired to fix it now.) As far as length goes, it is a bit longer than my first short story, but nowhere near the length of the second – a good length, I hope. I have also re-posted the one preview for the mini-set below with the story – and the second preview will join it in a few weeks. I really hope that some people out there read this and enjoy it! 😀

As usual, if you really like the story, please let me know (I have no idea if things are good without feedback) – and if you want to help support me and my work on stuff like this, and/or maybe even get access to the full mini-set that goes with this story, check out my Patreon page!

~Tiny’s Birthday~

Many years ago, Zayla had been brought a fairly young and relatively small minotaur by Helenya… (after he was thoroughly fucked and drained by the lusty succubus) and at the time, he was notable only for his impressive cock and his future potential. Zayla named her per minotaur “Tiny” – which at the time was an accurate description of him in minotaur terms, as he was rather pathetic; however, now his name is a bit ironic. (Not that it bothers anyone – he is far too stupid to consider the implications of his name… or care.) Today is the anniversary of the day that he was brought to Zayla – his “birthday” as far as she was concerned; and as such, she has a special present in store for him – an exclusive evening of pleasure with his mistress! He was eagerly awaiting the fun that he knew was imminent; so much so, that he already had a raging boner and was leaking a small stream of precum.

Tiny was already imagining how he was going to fuck his incredibly sexy mistress – who was only a couple feet from him… her curves jiggling as she walked and her smell eventually started to get to him. The slow walk to their destination was just torture for the almost painfully aroused minotaur; so he picked up Zayla with a small grunt and started running to the room at the end of the hall. All the while, he could watch his dark elven mistress’s tits bounce, and feel her butt rub against the tip of his massive horsecock. No one else was present to see – so she could hardly blame him or get mad… she wanted him too; it had truly been too long since she last fucked her beloved pet minotaur. Zayla knew enough not to fuck Tiny in her bedroom – it would take her slaves hours to clean up such a mess, and she did not want to mess up her nice bed. Instead, she brought the bull-man to one of her playrooms, which was all ready for ‘action’ with a mattress and bucket waiting for her. Her pet minotaur carried her over to the mattress and then waited for her to take initiative, like a good boy – Zayla was impressed by his behavior so far… and they hadn’t even started yet!

Upon arriving, the busty dark elf removed her panties and knelt down on the mattress and started to stroke Tiny’s rock hard manhood, while honestly expecting him to hose her down with a huge blast of cum any second. (Which is what happened last time… not that she really minded.) The bull-man’s penis was huge, easily one of the largest that Zayla had ready access to; and conveniently, it was also one of the largest cocks that she could take in her lower holes comfortably. Unfortunately, the big flare of his horsecock and his sheer size made it hard to suck on anymore – the last time she tried, Tiny almost choked her with the massive blast of semen that he blew down her throat; but honestly, she really should not be caught servicing this lowly monster anyway. (She did kind of still want to try though… maybe next time.) Tiny grunted and panted as she masterfully teased his aching cock – but he still hadn’t cum yet; could it be that he had actually gained some level of skill since last year?

Zayla decided to get serious and started licking the tip of her pet’s horsecock – and playfully licking up the steady drips of precum that were still coming out. His musk was overpowering from this close – any woman would get sopping wet and cripplingly aroused from this smell… and Zayla was now even wetter than she already was, which was impressive. Minutes passed, and still no ejaculation – the problem was obviously not her masterful technique, so what was going on…? He could not hide his obvious desire to cum, but he was holding back for some reason – which was surprising considering his general lack of intelligence… and manners. Tiny knew less than twenty words as far as Zayla knew, such as “Yes” and “No”… but most of the ones he knew all pertained to sex – such as “Fuck”, “Slut”, “Cum”, “Elf”, and “Whore”. He did also know his own name, her name, and that he belonged to her… but he still couldn’t even properly say her title of “Mistress” – that was just too much for his little mind. (Few minotaurs could speak at all, or bothered – so this was hardly unusual.)

Clearly this would take more effort – so the horny dark elf moved a bit closer and put her pet’s huge manhood between her large breasts… and began to give him a supreme titjob. Zayla knew this was one of her secret weapons – few men could or would resist one of her titjobs… and it was highly unlikely that Tiny would. Granted, this also meant that she was likely about to get one hell of a facial (and make a huge mess) – but sometimes these things happen. As long as nobody saw her covered in minotaur cum, it didn’t really matter. Deep down, Zayla was kind of really looking forward to seeing just how much semen Tiny could pump out now – especially first hand like this. His balls had grown a fair bit since last year – and he had quite the reputation for feeding and knocking up her breeding whores. She could feel his cock twitch and throb with each motion – every rub and squeeze was a true trial of endurance for the pent-up minotaur. Minutes of masterful titwork went by, and still her pet bull-man had not cum for her… this was starting to get embarrassing!

“What’s wrong Tiny…? Why aren’t you cumming for Mistress? Don’t you love her anymore?” Zayla asked, genuinely wondering why he was holding back. (Or how…) A moment passed as he tried to think of what to say, before he replied: “Want. Zayla. Pussy.” Of course… it should have been so obvious, and yet the busty dark elf had forgotten her other greatest asset – her highly-skilled dark elven cunt. Tiny had fucked her many times before – and he clearly remembered what he liked most; and that made sense, all things considered. She was still a bit confused as to how he could resist her titjob, but that hardly mattered right now; Zayla herself needed this just as much as Tiny did – she needed to feel that massive shaft filling every inch of her pussy… and the sooner, the better.

The curvy dark elf released his slimy cock from her bosom and laid back on the mattress, spreading her legs to show her pet the wet and willing pussy that he wanted so badly. Despite his need and want of her, he waited for permission like a good boy… Zayla was pleased at his obedience – but couldn’t let on to that fact. “Don’t make your mistress wait… or disappoint her; show me how good of a pet you are!” Zayla said teasingly, as she shook her hips a bit to further invite the bull-man. With a loud grunt and surprising quickness, Tiny squatted down and lifted Zayla’s leg, turning her on her side and prepared to fully penetrate his sexy owner. He truly could not wait any longer – he could cum any second; and he wanted it to all go inside her majestic vagina… and womb. For her part, Zayla was panting and dripping with anticipation – embarrassingly, she was almost more eager for actual penetration at this point than Tiny.

Tiny poked his foot-long horsecock around her nether region – before rubbing it along his mistress’s wet folds a bit, doing his best to line himself up to properly ream her. Zayla mistook his attempt at proper alignment as teasing – and glared at her pet angrily; making it quite clear that further delays would not be tolerated. “Fuck. Pussy.” Tiny said with a nod as he thrust his massive rod deep inside her in one swift motion – causing Zayla to let out an uncharacteristically loud and passionate moan. The pent-up minotaur then began to fuck his mistress hard and fast, only to cum within a minute anyway. He blasted his potent seed deep inside her, filling her womb in seconds – and bloating it a fair bit. Tiny was far from done, however – as he could put out two or three loads before quitting; and he intended to give Zayla absolutely everything he had tonight – this was a rare opportunity for him.

Coincidentally, the bull-man was so focused on his own orgasm that he failed to notice that Zayla had cum as well from the raw sensation of being bred so hard – and being filled with hot, thick bull milk. Her pussy clamped down on the eager cock within it as she did her best to try and hide her shame from reaching orgasm so soon after being penetrated… she should be able to last longer than that. Her beloved pet continued to thrust – doing his best to please his mistress, his large balls slapping against her with each powerful thrust. The dark elf had completely lost her composure at this point – her impressive tits were bouncing all over the place and she was panting louder than she ever would normally; this sex was just too good for her to hold back – no one was watching anyway, so why did it even matter…

Several minutes of passionate fucking followed, before TIny could feel a second orgasm approaching. He wanted to really push his cock deep this time though – to make sure that he properly filled his favorite pussy. To accomplish that, the minotaur released Zayla’s leg and reached down to pick her up; flipping her around to face forward as he lifted each of her legs with one arm apiece. “Where did you learn to… Who said you could…” Zayla said as she attempted to take control of the situation… but she was far too aroused to do so now – and Tiny knew it. He could feel her sheer need – her pussy was quivering and squeezing down on him with every thrust. The large bull-man proceeded to bounce his mistress down onto his cock, fully inserting himself each time. Zayla was doing her best not to cum again before Tiny did – but the warmth and immense pleasure coming from her pussy made it extremely difficult.

The busty dark elf did her best to steady herself as her pet pounded her – but anyone who saw this would never believe that she was in control here. Zayla was moaning and panting like one of her broken in breeding whores – and it was all she could do to desperately try and not cum before her lover. Tiny decided to use his special trick at this point, and used something he had learned from his many breeding sessions with Zayla’s elven slaves – a weakness of all elves, even dark ones. The minotaur started to fuck his mistress faster – and also began to lick her large, sensitive ears. Everyone knew elves had larger, pointy ears – but few knew that those ears could also be used to arouse additional feeling in a romantic partner, due to their sensitivity. (To touch, not just to sound.) Obviously, Tiny had found this out more or less by accident – and was too dumb to really understand the details, but he knew that the regular whores loved it and clamped down hard when he played with their ears… so surely his mistress would too!

Sure enough, Zayla was unprepared for this highly advanced technique – especially from her pet minotaur; and she came even harder than she did before – harder than she had in a long time. The dark elf squealed and howled as she came, clamping down hard on her pet’s manhood – causing him to cum a second time. Tiny did his very best to force every drop of semen in his balls deep inside his mistress – and came surprisingly close to doing so; this was also the most cum he had ever put out in such a short time. The dark elf’s womb was stuffed to capacity at this point… as was her vagina; so huge gushes of bull spunk now flowed out of her pussy and down his cock. He tried his best to keep fucking her as he came, but they were both completely spent by this point… it was all he could do to hold her up like this. The lucky minotaur had just thoroughly bred Zayla as few males could ever claim to… especially willingly.

Her womb was positively stuffed with bull spunk, and fuller than she could ever remember… plus, she had even cum herself from the sheer sensation of being filled so much; which was humiliating. She could easily lose face if news of such behavior got out… fortunately, Tiny likely was unable to tell anyone anyway. Zayla did her best to regain her composure as she also tried to catch her breath and recover from the vicious pounding her pet had given her. “Love. Mistress.” Tiny said in between deep breaths, before following it up with: “Pussy. Cum. Pregnant.” The minotaur then leaned forward and began to lick her cheek a bit, only to have Zayla slap him and motion for him to put her down. As he did as he was told, his large cock slipped out of her with a loud slurp; and it was followed by a steady stream of Tiny’s hot, thick jizz gushing out of her still gaping pussy. The dark elf quickly went to grab the bucket so as not to make a bigger mess. Now it all made sense to her – somehow he had gotten it into his thick skull to impregnate her… and he almost succeeded. If not for her corset, she would look several months pregnant from all the semen inside her right now. He had even said “Mistress” for the first time, but Zayla was too winded and angry to properly process it right now.

Zayla really should not put up with such insolence… but killing her pet minotaur would just be a total waste. Besides, she could hardly blame him for trying to hard to knock her up – any male that gets the chance to does the same… in truth, she was mostly just upset that she had been caught so off guard. She had prepared for this possibility of course – and taken a particularly strong infertility potion beforehand… but she would also take another tonight, just to be safe; minotaurs were beastmen – and famously virile ones at that. Zayla could not afford to get pregnant right now – and especially not with a minotaur’s baby… she could never bear such shame; her minions would all lose respect for her, and her whole operation would be at risk. It was lucky for Tiny that Zayla was so fond of him – if he was a total stranger and did this to her, she would definitely kill him for it… if only to keep him from telling anyone else how she had howled like a common whore during their “play” session.

The sexy dark elf sighed and crouched over the bucket that was left for her in preparation – no sense in letting this huge amount of minotaur cum go to waste… she could feed it to Salune or something. Huge globs of thick spunk gushed out of her pussy as she spread it and tried to push out as much as possible. As she focused on not spilling any of his semen, she couldn’t help but think about their next playtime together – which would be very soon. Zayla made a mental note not to neglect her horny pet minotaur again… and couldn’t help but think of his clear love for her to save up so much spunk – and hold back long enough to make sure it all got in her womb. Fortunately, she did love him back (in a mistress/pet sort of way) – and they would surely have many more chances to consummate their feelings for each other; as dangerous as it was for Zayla, she simply couldn’t resist playing with her second favorite pet.

The end. (For now, anyway…)

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