LITC chapter two, “The Far Docks” free release!

Hi again. Merry Christmas everyone – on the actual day this time. 🙂 As some of you have probably guessed, I am freely releasing chapter two of LITC today for everyone as a bit of a christmas present… so here that is. 😀 Right below this is the original synopsis, pasted for convenience.

In this chapter, Karen explains the destitute situation of the extremely poor who live in the outer docks of the city to James and Tabitha as she takes them to Matt’s last known location – where he was investigating an increasing number of poor women that have gone missing. This is accompanied by visuals of a poor, pregnant half-elf as she tries to find sustenance any way she can; even begging strangers for food… or “milk”. Her request is granted by a kind, dark-skinned sailor who makes her work for her treat; much to both their enjoyment – even if things got a bit rougher than she would have liked. This fun new chapter is somewhere around 30 pages at the moment, I am not totally sure as there are still a few renders left to do and a few others to fix if I can get the time. The plan right now is for me to get this all situated and send this out with the other rewards around next Monday; and whenever that happens I will be back with some update here as well. Besides that, the polls are going well, so keep that up!

Below here are the original LITC 2 previews, re-posted for convenience as well; (two clean, two story) and after the “continue reading” break areas under those is the download link (the password is still “redleatherart”) – so if you want to see more of this new story arc, (it currently goes up to chapter five) or if you just want to help support me and my assorted works, please check my Patreon page! 😀

(Again, Merry Xmas.) 😀!rwNGGbIL!BPjktg_Sp0cHmWuQ20QdhH4ZJg0IsZgxGL3ZCqxPb2k

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    1. redleatherart Post author

      I do appreciate you trying to notify me of this, but the password works fine for me – did you accidentally copy the quotation marks or have caps lock on or something? The password is just redleatherart without the quotation marks, I just used those to show that was the password. I just tried copying it, and typing it in manually myself and both seem fine; so perhaps you should just give it another try.


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