Poll results/review, and new polls.

Hi again. This is a bit later than I was hoping for, but my weekend and last few days in general have been a busy mess. The old polls are now concluded; and two new polls are up! The two new polls ask what you thought of that short story I posted with February’s mini-set preview, and also if you prefer female characters to be active or passive in adult content. So please vote in those and let me know what you think!

As for the old polls: almost nobody voted in the first one, which asked about options vs. detail in adult games – but clearly the people who did vote prefer more options… so I will keep that in mind. As for the fetish poll: there were a lot of votes, but apparently most people did not actually pick seven things – and so the totals are a bit off. I will not go over every single thing as I did years ago; but I will go over the top voted entries.

The clear favorite was pregnancy/impregnation… with 16 votes; the only one to make it into double digits – so I will keep that in mind for future content, though I already do a decent bit with this somewhere in there anyway. 🙂 Second place was tentacles and lactation/milking – tentacles I already have done a good bit of and there will definitely be more, so no worries there… and lactation/milking I have only done a little so far, but I have some things in mind for the near future in the main story and such – so more of that will come soon. Third place was futa… which I already have done a large amount of, but there will be more of that for sure. Fourth place was another tie for corruption and sexual slavery/captives… sexual slavery/captives is something I have definitely done and there will be more of that for certain, with captives in future story bits; corruption on the other hand is not exactly something I was planning on – at least not anytime soon… but I will see what I can come up with. Fifth place was ironically a five way tie between creampies, lesbian sex, femdom, bondage and vaginal sex; all of which have been done a lot already and will continue to happen, no worries there. The remaining votes were scattered around, with many things that I thought would do better with few or even no votes; but I attribute this to there being so many options, and also most people not voting for the full seven items.

As for what I am doing at the moment, I am still trying to deal with all kinds of assorted things regarding the voice acting… including that one new mess; so I am not sure what will get done within the next week or so – but I will see what I can do as always. I might be back with a small update in a couple days – more on that if it happens.

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