Some new polls, some old polls.

Hi again. I am back as noted earlier with the poll results from last time as well as some new polls on the right! The new polls ask a few different things; the first asks your thoughts on content focus in adult content – which is to say should one adult content item (an image set) focus on one particular fetish or content type, or is it best to diversify? The second poll is an old poll brought back, asking what you think are the three most important aspects of a female character. The last poll asks what you think in regard to major, already established characters appearing in an adult game that features a new character – which is to say should they play major roles or perhaps lesser, more believable ones? (This assumes they are not already the characters the player is controlling.) So let me know your thoughts on these!

As for the old polls, the results were rather clear for most of them – in regard to the amount of exposition in adult content, most people prefer a balance… which I expected. (Even the number of votes for and against on either side of the balance was balanced, ironically.) This is good, as that is what I try to do most of the time, I just like to check if people might want more or less. The second poll asked about custom player characters in adult games, and most people prefer having a totally custom character… which I can understand, but in pretty much any case that will lead to a significant decrease in quality over having one (or a few) preset ones; plus doing fully custom characters with 3D renders is rather hard to do… so I guess I will see what happens. (Second place was preset characters, which is nice.) The last poll was a bit more spread out, but that in itself tells me a lot; apparently people want more of a mix in regard to cock/foreskin appearance – which I have already started working towards in the latest mini-set that I posted a preview of last week. I will continue to work on mixing that up a bit more in the future… and we will see how it all goes.

i am still working on the rest of what I wanted to get done for this interval – and I hope to be back in a couple days with something.

2 thoughts on “Some new polls, some old polls.

  1. Broderickblack

    I’m fine with new characters just don’t change any of the old ones minor or major I like the way they are now speaking of new how about a ghost woman as a new character it’s like the only thing you don’t have.

    1. redleatherart Post author

      I have no plans on making any major changes to any of the current main characters; so no worries there. 😀 In regard to the new characters bit, I do have many new major characters made/lined up for later on in the main story-line – but the poll was referring more to the normal major characters versus the main ones in the individual adult games, such as Elare in the micro VN I made a while back. I meant for that poll to check whether new/one off characters like her should get the spotlight for those games or if games should focus more on their possible relations to/with existing main characters.

      As for the ghost girl suggestion, that is indeed something I do not have… (there are other types of characters that I do not have publicly yet, but likely do have ready privately to some extent – but this is not one of them) but I am not sure I understand how that could even work in practice. Ghosts do not have a corporeal body and therefore are not really sex material – unless they were like… possessing other girls and making them fuck people in their place or something; that might be kind of fun to do once, but I do not see that as being enough for it to be main character material. (That seems more like a possible scene/event in a future VN.) The closest thing to a ghost girl I can think of that comes to mind that worked pretty well was the Naacia character in the LOQO games… but that was more of a dream demon I think. I will keep it in mind, but as I mentioned – this sounds better suited as a one off thing unless I am misunderstanding something.


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