3/20/15 – Slow going, new poll up

Hey. I have been rather busy with real life stuff these past few days and haven’t had time to get much done yet. I should have time to work on this set over the coming weekend, I will see how that goes. (I am still trying to do my original plan for this part, with both side stories together in one set, similar to part 1; so it (hopefully) will be basically two sets in one again.)

I still could use votes in the poll(s) on the right, as it stands people seem to prefer the clean limbs version of Salune (with two votes) with four people saying either is fine. One new poll is also up now, asking if people would prefer the story versions of some images when I post the previews once the set is done. I usually do the clean versions, but I may do story ones if people are interested, we shall see.

EDIT 3/23: Almost done with part one of this set as far as construction/writing goes; (still need to do final renders and composition/postwork, but I save that until everything is done) I should be able to finish it today. I plan to start on part two tomorrow if I get the time.

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