Status update: 3/31

Hi. Here is that update in regard to the state of the game and a few of my other plans as far as upcoming things go. I am going to try and get two new scene sets in the game beta before it gets sent out in a week and a half or so, but I am not sure I will be able to do that and  finish the few new random events I would like to work in. A few more details and specifics of all this will be posted to my Patrons in a bit, but long story short I hope to have the 1.0 of the game more or less done in early June; (so it will be included in the May Patreon rewards message) and that is a conservative estimate. Now, even once it is “done” it will still be in beta for a few months while I work out the stat balancing and fix any bugs/typos and probably continue to add content; so that isn’t a complete finish yet, but all the core content will be in the game, it just might need some tweaking/expanding. Again, this is not a guarantee, but unless something horrible happens I don’t see this taking longer than that to get the base game situated. After that gets done I will likely take a month to recover and then see about getting back to the next story arc.

Next month I plan to do the new DA images, the Patreon mini-set and then use whatever I have remaining to work on the game. The month after that though, (in May) there will be a special Patreon mini-set poll; it will decide the topic of the mini-set for that month as usual but that mini-set will instead be a ten image set with a tiny story attached! That special Patreon poll will be available to appropriate patrons of mine after rewards go out in early may; so if you want to get in on that and/or support my work or see other mini-sets I have done for my Patrons, check out my Patreon page!

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