Old blog restored, plans for this week, Patreon info reminder

My old blog was restored last night, (as there was no real problem, it was just automatically banned for no reason whatsoever) though I just want it for redirect purposes at this point. All the old game previews and Patreon mini-set previews are still over there though so I’d prefer to leave it up. Given all this crap with blogger, I am more or less totally moved over to the new blog and only plan to post 1-2 more posts to the old one, give or take. I am going to try and fix the various model skins that I need to fix this week; (the Octane tattoo problem) and maybe get the new Patreon set done. I also would like to update the character page’s images with Octane renders and the new site’s logo on them, but I will see what I have time for. Side note: I have no idea what Octane means for animations and the game idea yet, I haven’t tried it. (It should be great though.) Also, more votes in the polls would be great.

Remember: I am giving Patreon content rewards via messages after payment is processed now so that I am sure new Patrons are actually going to pay. (At least until Patreon implements a new system they are planning that will do this for me.) So if you want to get Patreon rewards for next month, you need to sign up before the end of the month. (Payments are processed in the first few days of each month.) I have no idea how long my new sets will be exclusive to Patreon now, probably three months or so. (This is the current estimate, this is not definite yet. There will still be previews and such for everything here.) So if you want to see the whole new sets as soon as possible, it’s only $5.

$15 gets you the mini-sets as well as some other goodies too. Mini-sets are planned to be some kind of sex scene now; they usually have been but now are officially planned to be. Given that I am trying to focus on the main story arc in the main sets right now, the mini-sets are the only other bit of content that I get to do currently; and the only way for certain characters/content types to show up for a fair while. (I also plan for there to be Patreon votes on these on what or who to include fairly regularly once a few people sign up for the tier.) You also get to support my work and help me keep making renders as well as make them better. (If I can get a better/another graphics card, my limitations on what I can include in a scene will be raised; I can do more than two/three figures again [in Octane now].)

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