Poll results and some very old polls brought back!

Hey again. As the title mentions, the results for last month’s polls are below and I have posted new/old polls! The two polls on the right are polls I had done already way, way back on my old google blog; so I am redoing them a year and a half or so later to see how things have changed. One poll asks which of my female characters are your favorite, and the other asks what type of adult games you prefer. (YOU CAN PICK THREE [3] CHOICES ON BOTH.) So vote in those polls and show me what you like!

The results for last month’s polls show that most voters seem to prefer quality over quantity, so I will keep that in mind. The other poll was rather obvious, but it seems most of you are interested in fantasy renders; with perhaps a little bit of sci-fi at times. This was what I expected since almost all of my work is fantasy themed, but I figured it was worth a shot. As mentioned previously, there will be new DA images, a preview of this month’s patreon mini-set, and a free release of RTL 9 sometime in the next two weeks or so. Other than that, there will be at least one post with preview(s?) of the game that I will be working on this month. I am not currently sure how much else will get posted here, but we will see.

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