Old special poll results, NEW SPECIAL POLL UP!

Hey. As the title hints at, there is a new special poll up on the right and the results from the previous special poll are below; along with a small explanation of the new special poll.

As for the previous special poll, the results were clear; you all want to see an additional/extended lesbian scene in the next RTL chapter, so that will happen. Vaginal was a close second, so that will also get some consideration in said scene. In regard to the new special poll, this one asks what type of bonus content you all want to see next month for my (sort of) two year anniversary of this project! (I say sort of because I was incapacitated for around four/five months back last year around September and not as much got done, so I can’t really count those months.)

There are a decent number of options, with many different tastes covered in some way. Keep in mind that this anniversary mini-set is in addition to the final chapter of RTL being made next month; and that it will be posted free for everyone once it is done. Quick side note, there will be a free release post of RTL 8 in a week or so; so watch for that as well. Most of the options in this poll are self-explanatory, the final option I leave as a wild card of sorts; for ideas of what that might include, check my sci-fi images on my DA page. Whichever option wins this poll will get a mini-set made next month consisting of at least four images! So get voting and I should be back in a week or so with an update of some sort!

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