RTL 11 early preview posted to patrons, coming here soon.

Hey. As you would guess from the title, I have just posted the early preview of the upcoming chapter of RTL to my patreon patrons; and it will get posted here in a couple days. They also already know the main focus of what the chapter will contain; and I think this should be really fun and hopefully everyone will like it. Just in case you forgot and/or didn’t notice before, this is the second to last chapter in the RTL story arc; the poll on the right relates to the final one, that I will do in September. So after RTL is done, I will likely take a little time to work on some other things for a bit before starting up the next main story arc. (As people seemed to want from a previous poll.) I did successfully put a small(ish) VN together earlier; so chances are good that I will be able to finally finish off my original game idea sometime soonish after assorted long delays. Anyway, I will post again in a few days with the early preview here and then again probably towards next weekend with the final previews, so look forward to all that!

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