Poll results, new poll posted.

Hi again. I totally forgot to mention the new polls last time and will get that all situated now. As for the old polls, votes were low; but many thanks to those who bothered since I used both of these essentially as they were going, since the results were semi-conclusive. Most people clearly want music and sound effects in adult games, with only one preferring sound effects only and another for no sound at all; so that will likely happen and I will throw some sound in the tiny VN I am making if time allows. I will likely make options to disable either or both though, as I had a friend get into a hilariously awkward situation while doing some things on a library computer in college; so better safe then sorry.

The other poll asked about buying image sets from assorted places, and the few votes cast essentially were “meh”; voting for heavy discounts and sometimes. with one never. As mentioned previously, I would only post my (already free) story sets on those sites for advertising reasons, and I have no intention of actually going full retail in the foreseeable future. Unfortunately(ish), apparently renderosity requires story sets posted to be in PDF format; and I hate PDFs with a passion. (Thanks for nothing yet again, Adobe.) I could do it I guess; with foxit or something, but I am not sure at this point so I will have to revisit this in a while. Also there is a new SPECIAL POLL up now, asking about your preference of an extra scene in the next (not this month) and final chapter of the RTL story line; there are multiple options, and the winner will either have an expanded scene (if it already existed) or a scene added. I know this is a month early, but there is a separate poll I want to do next month, so I wanted to post this now to spread things out a bit. I think that’s it for now, check back toward the end of next week for a public preview of the tiny VN!

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