Huge fetish poll review, new polls up!

Hey! Ok so first of all, there are two new polls up now’ one asks about comedy in adult story sets/VNs and another asks about your preferences regarding major characters. I am still working on the top placed contest entry renders when I can and hope to get that done soonish. So vote on those shiny new polls and click the link below to see the full review of much of the most recent huge fetish poll! I am not going to post the entire thing on the main page because even though I am going to try and keep it brief, I am sure it will be semi-long anyway. Also I reuploaded the preview image for the latest mini-set as apparently I uploaded the wrong render before; I must have been tireder than I thought that night and I only noticed as I was cleaning up the folder to back it up today, but it’s fixed now. So the results for this poll are both what I mostly would prefer and totally unexpected at the same time. Last time I did those two large polls like this, standard stuff like vaginal sex did fairly poorly compared to other more complex options like gangbangs. So this time vaginal sex placed first, which is very, very unexpected; but also very nice to know. There will be plenty of that too, so no worries there at all. The other top options were a mix of expected and surprising; futa and monsters I totally expected as they both did very well last time and people seem to prefer those things. However, more basic options such as lesbian sex and pregnancy/impregnation also did very well; which I did not expect really. (If I recall, those two did not do so well last time.) Anal sex and monster girls also did well and I expected those somewhat.

There were really two strange things about the top options to me, first of all incest got fourth place overall; which seems unusual and unexpected. I am not personally a huge fan of incest, and I do have serious plans for this later on; but at this time I didn’t really have much lined up in this regard. So I have already started trying to change some things around in the next story arc to accommodate this somewhat. The strangest thing by far however is what was NOT in the top voted options, namely the complex stuff like orgies and gangbangs. Orgies did okay, but gangbangs and threesomes did horrific compared to last time and what I would have expected; which is really quite jarring considering how I have been trying to work in multiple person sex scenarios. I will take all this into consideration; but essentially all the top options are safe and definitely going to happen at some point anyway, though to a lesser extent for incest and monster girls. (I still have to look into monster girls to make it look decent and incest as I stated was originally planned for much later on.)

Another shocker was that loving sex and kissing/fondling did remarkably well considering how bad I was expecting both to do. Again, I will take all this into consideration when planning future sets; but it is nice to see that people prefer more variety in their story sets now. The other middle options were mostly standard stuff that is definitely going to happen anyway, such as creampies, oral sex, bondage, beast, toys, tentacles, and clothed sex. Quick unrelated side note; I just posted a new promo image to my Patreon that everyone can see, so the seven of you that read this far should go check that out too! There were also some oddballs in there though that I have not yet done at all or maybe only a tiny bit, such as fisting and lactation/milking. Fisting I can do, I just haven’t yet but I will look into it; and lactation/milking I also have planned down the line already so that will have to wait a bit.

Perhaps the strangest thing of all were the things that just did shockingly bad; I already mentioned a few but there were many things at the bottom of the list that were theoretically very desired before, which is just weird. Gangbangs, non-con, semi-con, X-ray, threesomes, double penetration, titsex, tattoos, and femdom all did really poorly. Now, this could just be a lapse in choice for many voters; but I did give you the option to pick seven different things as your favorite. (Even if many voters didn’t use all of them…) Many of these things will still happen regardless, but some will show up less than planned due to how poorly they did here. A lot of the wackier options were unsurprisingly at the bottom; and those were mostly expected. However, this has already gone on long enough, so I will stop here but thanks for voting and reading this if you did either and/or both. I hope to be back in a few days with something.

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