Patreon stuff sent, status update.

Hi. Sorry for the late post, but this week has been crappy. Long story short, RTL 9 ended up being FIFTY images; (I really need to stop adding so much) the old post now reflects this. The mini-set for last month also got an additional two images, making eight. I just sent out the patreon rewards for last month and the assorted polls for this month, so hopefully next week I will know the results of those. Speaking of polls, this one here is coming along very nicely; but as always more votes is better, so keep voting and spread the word.

As for what I plan to do this month, I need to make some stuff for DA, finish the contest winner renders, do the mini-set and of course the animation I mentioned in last month’s poll. I will see what gets done first, but it will not be the mini-set. I hope to post sometime early next week with something; but don’t be surprised if it is later than that.

EDIT 4/15: I had a lot of real life crap to do the last few days and I am currently trying to get all the parts of this animation to work right. This usually happens, but this animation is my first two character animation attempt in a long time, so that and the environment makes this take longer. It may be done sometime tomorrow at the earliest, it should be well worth the wait though.

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