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RTL chapter four: “Caught by a Succubus” Free Release!

Hey. As promised, here is the free release of RTL 4. I have re-posted the original preview images below for convenience. As for me, I am actually doing much better after getting a procedure done a few days ago; the question is whether or not it will stay good long enough for it to heal, which only time will tell. I may be able to do a main image set this month after all if I am still good, we shall see. I still have a bunch of stuff to post on patreon before I look into the main set. I have posted the patreon polls to the appropriate tiers; though as usual everywhere with polls votes are slim to none. No idea why people don’t like polls… oh well. Both those polls and the poll here one the site have a few days left to go on them, so vote now, before time runs out!

If you like my work and want to help it improve, please consider supporting my work and get access to all sorts of different goodies! Any and all support is appreciated and helps me afford new hardware/software to make my art better and faster! As it stands, I can only do two detailed figures in a scene with Octane; hence the limits on my renders/the contest.

Anyway, here is the download for RTL 4, the password is: redleatherart!G0EmBJ4Y!SC4wHJEFtQ3OyfLmzxbmAPZ3nneJmHWFWOTkhSRotfA


RTL chapter three, “Uninvited Guests” free release!

Hey again. Quick note first; unless something horrible happens in the next few days I should be done with the next RTL chapter (six) early next week. Here is the free release of RTL chapter three. The set features a wide variety of content, as shown by the huge tag list. The set mainly featured futa and lesbian content as that was voted at the time in a special poll. It has two main scenes, one with Zayla and another with Salune; both “playing” with an unfortunate innkeeper. I have reposted the six original preview images below for convenience.

If you like my image sets and want to support me in making future ones, check out my Patreon page to support my work and get early access to new sets and other various goodies! ( I would really like to afford better hardware to make these renders with; I could make better, more complex renders with better equipment to work with.

In other news, the polls are going to be up until September, and are going well so far though one poll has double the votes of the other for some reason again. Anyway, more votes would be appreciated; I don’t know what people want unless you tell me somehow. In any case, here is the download link for RTL chapter three:

Mega link:!Pkt3CJLB!uEY13zkEy735bGfzcsI11dA8AyxSfsk94gVCU08etns

Password: redleatherart


RTL chapter two: “Elven Relations” free release!

Hey. Here is the free release of RTL chapter two, “Elven relations”. It features James, Tabitha, the elf sisters, as well as a tentacle plant and also introduces Xan. I am reposting the preview images here along with the download link. If you like tentacles, don’t forget to check out the newest chapter below!

If you like these sets and want to help me make more, better image sets, check out my Patreon page to support my work and get new sets early! (

Mega link:!al1kBIZY!fUo4x2t59nxz-ZavNBQm3pkf7nXAdPbI1Oioj7TrIWs

Password: redleatherart


Set eight, RTL chapter one – “Taking a Break” free release!

Hey again. So here is the first chapter of my first short (in theory) story arc. Road to Lithorca chapter one; Taking a Break. It features new persistent human characters James and Tabitha, as well as two hot elf sisters and an orc in a 32 image set. Preview images below. This was the pinnacle of what i could do with Poser; but now that I have Octane, I have to do things differently.  Comments welcome, but keep it constructive please.

Password: redleatherart!S0111AhY!CdvL-k0vx2wDH51v9Dzd6e8F680Z0hTNTKwJ1hS5wxQ



Sets one and two repost and downloads!

Hey again. Here is a repost of the preview images from my first two sets, and now for the first time; a download link! Password: redleatherart

(Man looking at stuff from this long ago is depressing; I have come a long way since this.)!L9UHWRLZ!sesixA1x1Mg493yITD51fyKy566VZBb6nGQik7dG8sE