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March poll results, new polls posted!

Hi again. I’m back with the prior poll results and new polls! The first old poll asked how much text you prefer in adult games, and the vast majority of people took the middle option; which is what I figured would happen. (So I will try to keep things balanced in the game as it is.) The other old poll asked which of my pages you look at regularly (which got few votes) seems to indicate that most people only check my main page here, and a couple check my DA page and one checks my Patreon page. You guys may want to check out my other pages every so often, as I do try to post some things there every now and then; especially on DA I get most of the commissions I have done posted/linked there. But most things do go here, so I guess that makes sense and it is what I expected.

There are new polls up as well so check those out! One asks how much clothing you prefer on characters during sex in adult images, and the other is an old poll from around two years ago brought back; that asks how much story and/or sex you prefer in adult image sets. So check those out and let me know your thought there; I will be back late this week and/or early next week with a status update and hopefully some new content of some sort!

Status update, new polls, old polls!

Hi. So first of all, there are two new polls up; though votes last month were rather low for whatever reason. The new polls ask which of my pages you check regularly and how much text you prefer with your adult game scenes. More votes than last time would be appreciated; both of these will be used fairly soon as well. Last month’s polls polls seem to indicate that most people prefer darker themed adult stories/sets, and that most people would be interested in a short story if/when I make one. I know a few votes were scattered elsewhere, and there will be some less dark content still; but I mainly have to take away the general consensus of people who voted.

As for the status update; I posted to my patrons a few days ago about how I am reworking some planned scene sets in the game a bit and changing at least two right now. I am currently rendering some cool new scene sets; theoretically being two of three that I know people really prefer and/or want to see. (Monsters!) So far so good, but it is too early to say for sure yet how it will all go. I hope to get rewards sent out late next week, but I will say by the 13th to be safe; just in case I need next weekend to fix some things. (The last two… three weeks really have been a mess for all sorts of unpredictable reasons.) So the updated beta coming in should be quite nice; even nicer still if I can get time to add in some variations and other small improvements that I am looking into right now. I may also post another public preview from these two scene sets I am working on; but that is still up in the air.

Old polls results, big monster poll brought back!

Hi again. I totally forgot to mention/consider the poll results/new poll in my last post, so I came by to sort all that out quick. I am still working on the game and seeing what I can/want to put in regarding the randomizer and a few other things while renders/re-renders finish. I hope to have one new public preview to post here towards the end of the week/weekend; so check back a bit later for that. Regardless, the old polls are done and most people want me to finish this game first, rather than start the next story arc; which as I mentioned I planned to do anyway just to get it done, so that is good. The other poll was a repeat of a very old one, asking about breast size preference. Strangely, this was essentially the opposite of the original one, with most people preferring large-huge. Some upcoming female characters in the next story arc will have both ends of the spectrum covered; (the one with huge tits will be introduced first, though that was already planned long ago) so I think this will all work out since many of the girls in already are on the large size in terms of bust size. In case that was not clear, there will be at least one new main character with average/realistic breasts in the next story arc; just not for a while.

In other news, I brought back another two year(ish) old poll; the big monster poll! (Due to the massive size of this poll, it is the only one this month.) This is a new and updated version of the old poll, with all the old stuff and some new things too! All the stuff listed on here is stuff I either can do, have already done, or would do. (So there are no dud/impossible options.) You can vote for up to SIX things in this poll, so make your votes count. I use these polls to see how popular certain things are, and this one in particular will be rather important so make sure you vote for your favorite stuff. I think I covered damn near everything, but if there is something in particular you want that isn’t on that list, leave a comment and if it is something I can/would do, then I will consider adding it!

November poll results and end of year polls up!

Hi again, I came by to post the new polls and discuss the old ones. The new polls are on the right, one asks if you think I should finish the game before starting on the next story arc; the other is another old poll brought back, asking what you breast size preference is. Just an FYI here, I am planning to finish the game before starting the next story arc, but I just wondered what you all would prefer. I will leave these up for a month, so please vote in those.

As for the previous polls, the results were interesting for several reasons. The first poll asked what you thought was the most important aspect of an adult game. The general writing/story was tied with the adult scene visuals for first place, followed by the writing of the adult scenes, the number of adult scenes, and the characters involved in the adult scenes, each separated by just one vote. Below those, the quality of the general gameplay and the types of adult scenes were one vote above the genre of game, which got two votes. Nobody voted for sound; which is semi- good because I can’t do that so well at this time anyway. I had figured that adult scene visuals would win, but I was somewhat surprised that general writing/story also tied for first; it is nice to see that the story overall matters to people in games like this. The other options are basically where I thought they would be and I will take that into consideration. As mentioned before, I have several other ideas for VNs/games besides what I have already, and depending on how people like the current game, I may/may not work on more games sooner after this one is done.

The second old poll asked what the most important aspects of a female character were. Body shape and sexual preference/ability tied for first, which is no real surprise. After that was race/skin tone, face/makeup, and personality, each separated by one vote. Below that was hairstyle/color and backstory, and then clothing in last. This was mostly as expected, but it is nice to see personality doing well and backstory getting some appreciation also. I have been working on assorted things, but I won’t start rendering until tonight, so sometime early next week there may be something new posted here for you all. Other than that, I plan to make some new DA images and work on the game, RTL 10 is scheduled for a free release, there is also the patreon poll and the related mini-set for this month; there may be a few other things if all goes perfectly, but that is still very much in the air.

October poll results and more new polls!

Hey again. I’m here with a poll related update today; before I get to the results of the prior polls, please note that there are two new polls up on the right! The top one is a new poll asking what you feel are the three most important parts of an adult oriented game; and the bottom poll is another old poll that I have brought back, asking what you feel are the three most important aspects of a female character. You can vote for three (3) things in each poll. So please vote in those and let me know what you prefer, the polls with be up for a month.

As for the results from last time, things were pretty interesting; which is great. The favorite character poll was somewhat of an upset this time, as Helenya actually won this time around; with Zayla and Salune both getting only one vote less at seven each. I expected these three to be the favorites, but I am surprised that Helenya won, as Zayla won last time. Lucia got five votes which is also good and then Tabitha and Karen both got two; which I expected, but it is really nice that some people like them in addition to the more… exotic choices. The second poll asked what your favorite genre of adult game was, and this was really interesting (after the obvious first choice). This time around rpgs did best, with simulations getting fourth (compared to first last time); choose your own adventure games came second with longer story oriented VNs coming third. Short mainly sex VNs got four votes, and two each for dating sims and point and click adventure games; which is interesting. Puzzle games and card/casino games both got nothing, which is somewhat good as those are the things I am least likely to do and/or have no ideas to really do anything special with them at this time.

I have already made the one short, almost all sex VN, and this simulation/training game is coming soonish; after that I am unsure what will come next. RPG games I would like to do, however it would take a shitload of dedicated time and effort; which I cannot really justify at this time. (I barely even get comments here, I am not sure there is enough interest to warrant this.) Longer, story oriented VNs and choose your own adventure games are far more reasonable and likely; as are simulation games and short, sexy VNs. RPGs I really need to put off until there is more interest in my work, and until I am sure I can do it well enough. (I really prefer not to use RPGmaker if I can, as it doesn’t mix well with 3D art; and I am not totally sure of the details/process of making a decent RPG with Renpy.)

So those are my current thoughts on that stuff; feel free to leave comments/suggestions if you really want to see something in particular and/or have something to add somewhere. I am still working out what the main content for this month will be; I am thinking of trying to redo/fix that one animation from a couple months back (and possibly do another one as well) but that is just an idea at this point. I will send out patreon rewards early next week sometime, and shortly after that I will post here with a more concrete plan for this month.

Poll results and some very old polls brought back!

Hey again. As the title mentions, the results for last month’s polls are below and I have posted new/old polls! The two polls on the right are polls I had done already way, way back on my old google blog; so I am redoing them a year and a half or so later to see how things have changed. One poll asks which of my female characters are your favorite, and the other asks what type of adult games you prefer. (YOU CAN PICK THREE [3] CHOICES ON BOTH.) So vote in those polls and show me what you like!

The results for last month’s polls show that most voters seem to prefer quality over quantity, so I will keep that in mind. The other poll was rather obvious, but it seems most of you are interested in fantasy renders; with perhaps a little bit of sci-fi at times. This was what I expected since almost all of my work is fantasy themed, but I figured it was worth a shot. As mentioned previously, there will be new DA images, a preview of this month’s patreon mini-set, and a free release of RTL 9 sometime in the next two weeks or so. Other than that, there will be at least one post with preview(s?) of the game that I will be working on this month. I am not currently sure how much else will get posted here, but we will see.

Special poll results, new polls, and feedback request.

Hey. So this is going to be a sizable bit of text in this update, but I see no real way around that given all that I need to say and do in here. First off, the anniversary mini-set special poll ended with two items tied for first place, “Helenya x Karen” and “Salune x tentacles”; as previously noted, in cases where a winner is needed and there is a tie, I have to break it. I will decide which of those two I will make the mini-set of a bit later this month when I get to it; I cannot pick one at this time and want to think about it more before I choose one. So the contents of the free mini-set that I will make sometime this month will be somewhat of a surprise, but it will be one of those two things. In regard to the new polls, one asks if you prefer quality or quantity when it comes to adult image sets; the other asks which setting you prefer for your adult content. (For possible side image sets once RTL is finished this month.)

Now for the main event in this update: it is coming up on the technical two year anniversary of this project, and I have some questions for all of you out there if you can take the time to answer. I would really like to know the following from each of you, even an answer to some of these would be fine if you either can’t or don’t want to answer all of them. The more feedback I get though, the more likely certain things are and the better my work will get; so if you want to see me make more of what you want and/or help me improve my art, please answer any or all of these questions in a comment here. They are just some simple questions, asking what you like best about my work, and also what you think I can improve on and things like that. These questions were asked early this month to my Patreon patrons, and I have already acted on some of the feedback I got from them. I figured that I might as well ask these on here as well since I posted these questions on DA recently, so at least I can say I tried.

I do realize this is somewhat awkward to ask, since none of you have likely played the small VN I made nor seen any of my most recent image sets; but I will take any answers I can get here. So please, if you want to help me out and/or see more of what you like from me, take a few minutes to tell me your answers to any or preferably all of the following questions. Feel free to add any other information/suggestions, the questions are just a guideline of what I am looking to find out. I really appreciate any and all feedback given; it is quite difficult to improve my work and know what people want when I have almost no feedback whatsoever.

1.) What is your single favorite content item I have made so far and why? (This could be a story set chapter, animation, character, or a even specific image.)

2.) What is favorite type of content that I make? (Story sets, image sets, mini-sets, games, animations, other?)

3.) What would you like to see more of from me? (This can be a character, content type, or a fetish.)

4.) What is your favorite aspect of my work, and why?

5.) What do you feel is the weakest aspect of my work so far and why?

6.) Is there anything in particular you are looking forward to seeing me do? (This could be a certain situation, character combination, the next story arc, or just something like finishing my original game idea.)

7.) What do you feel is the thing that I do best? (I was thinking like a fetish/scene type here, but I guess content type could work also, or even something like character design.)

Old special poll results, NEW SPECIAL POLL UP!

Hey. As the title hints at, there is a new special poll up on the right and the results from the previous special poll are below; along with a small explanation of the new special poll.

As for the previous special poll, the results were clear; you all want to see an additional/extended lesbian scene in the next RTL chapter, so that will happen. Vaginal was a close second, so that will also get some consideration in said scene. In regard to the new special poll, this one asks what type of bonus content you all want to see next month for my (sort of) two year anniversary of this project! (I say sort of because I was incapacitated for around four/five months back last year around September and not as much got done, so I can’t really count those months.)

There are a decent number of options, with many different tastes covered in some way. Keep in mind that this anniversary mini-set is in addition to the final chapter of RTL being made next month; and that it will be posted free for everyone once it is done. Quick side note, there will be a free release post of RTL 8 in a week or so; so watch for that as well. Most of the options in this poll are self-explanatory, the final option I leave as a wild card of sorts; for ideas of what that might include, check my sci-fi images on my DA page. Whichever option wins this poll will get a mini-set made next month consisting of at least four images! So get voting and I should be back in a week or so with an update of some sort!

Poll results, new poll posted.

Hi again. I totally forgot to mention the new polls last time and will get that all situated now. As for the old polls, votes were low; but many thanks to those who bothered since I used both of these essentially as they were going, since the results were semi-conclusive. Most people clearly want music and sound effects in adult games, with only one preferring sound effects only and another for no sound at all; so that will likely happen and I will throw some sound in the tiny VN I am making if time allows. I will likely make options to disable either or both though, as I had a friend get into a hilariously awkward situation while doing some things on a library computer in college; so better safe then sorry.

The other poll asked about buying image sets from assorted places, and the few votes cast essentially were “meh”; voting for heavy discounts and sometimes. with one never. As mentioned previously, I would only post my (already free) story sets on those sites for advertising reasons, and I have no intention of actually going full retail in the foreseeable future. Unfortunately(ish), apparently renderosity requires story sets posted to be in PDF format; and I hate PDFs with a passion. (Thanks for nothing yet again, Adobe.) I could do it I guess; with foxit or something, but I am not sure at this point so I will have to revisit this in a while. Also there is a new SPECIAL POLL up now, asking about your preference of an extra scene in the next (not this month) and final chapter of the RTL story line; there are multiple options, and the winner will either have an expanded scene (if it already existed) or a scene added. I know this is a month early, but there is a separate poll I want to do next month, so I wanted to post this now to spread things out a bit. I think that’s it for now, check back toward the end of next week for a public preview of the tiny VN!

June plans, poll results and new polls!

Hey. I am back with the poll results, plans for this month, and new polls. First off the previous polls only got ten or so votes each; but at least the results were clear. People seem to either like or not mind the idea of more major characters, which is good since I have a bunch of newer ones that will get introduced at the start of the next story arc. (Patrons know some already.) The other poll asked about comedy, and most people seemed to be ok with it or like it; only one person said they weren’t a fan, so that is good to know. Nobody bothered to really vote against either poll so things seem like they will work out.

As for the main content plan this month, I have something special planned which may/may not be a surprise; though my Patrons already know what it is. I will do the DA images and the mini-set for this month in the next week or so and then use what time I have left for the other thing. I will post multiple previews on my Patreon, but there will be one here sometime after I mention that I am starting work on it. I think everyone is going to like it, but only time will tell. Also there are two new polls up, one asks how you feel about music/sound effects in adult games; and the other asks how often you buy adult image sets. (I fully intend to stay with my current Patreon based system, but I am considering making a few paid sets just to get my name on some of these sites.) So check those out and check back a little later for some kind of new content!