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August mini-set preview!

Hey. This is a bit later than I’d hoped, but here is the public preview of this month’s Patreon mini-set! The mini-set itself features Karen (in her original outfit!) meeting a group of clients in an alley by the docks and servicing them. The mini-set is five images, though I would like to add a final one if I can find the time next week. In regard to the poll on the right, things are shaping up a bit better, but more votes would be appreciated; it is a vote for the topic of a free mini-set after all, I would think people would want to vote on that.

As far as the animation goes, I have been working on it but I hit a slight issue that may be something I just cannot fix. I will look into this more tomorrow, but I may have to go to plan B for the animation if I can’t fix this in a way I am happy with. Either way, I should have that situated in the next few days and the preview posted sometime early next week. Side note, there will be another vote for the Patreon mini-set topic next month, just in case anyone is thinking of signing up. So if you want access to all the mini-sets I have done so far (there are over 20 assorted mini-sets currently available), the small VN I made, early access to my story sets, or just want to help support my work, check out my Patreon page! https://www.patreon.com/redleatherart


RTL 11 early preview posted to patrons, coming here soon.

Hey. As you would guess from the title, I have just posted the early preview of the upcoming chapter of RTL to my patreon patrons; and it will get posted here in a couple days. They also already know the main focus of what the chapter will contain; and I think this should be really fun and hopefully everyone will like it. Just in case you forgot and/or didn’t notice before, this is the second to last chapter in the RTL story arc; the poll on the right relates to the final one, that I will do in September. So after RTL is done, I will likely take a little time to work on some other things for a bit before starting up the next main story arc. (As people seemed to want from a previous poll.) I did successfully put a small(ish) VN together earlier; so chances are good that I will be able to finally finish off my original game idea sometime soonish after assorted long delays. Anyway, I will post again in a few days with the early preview here and then again probably towards next weekend with the final previews, so look forward to all that!

July Patreon Mini-set done, preview here!

Hi again. Sorry for the delayed post but the last two days have been a mess and I only now have been able to finish off the mini-set for the month. As voted for by my $15+ patrons, the subject for this month’s mini-set was “Zayla cosplay mini-set”. The mini-set is six images total, two images each of three different outfits; a preview is below of the first outfit, reminiscent of a certain fighter that shall remain nameless. They will get the whole set at the start of next month.

In other news, I hope to get the early preview for my patrons of the next main set posted near the end of the week, then posted here early next week. My patrons already know who the main subjects will be in the upcoming main set, and it should be quite interesting. The special poll is going rather well, but more votes are always good; there is still plenty of time for things to change completely, should people decide to vote.


RLA VN 1 – “An Alternate Route” done.

Hi. So as the title mentions, I finished the small VN I was working on last night, and sent it out to my Patrons. (I know it is later than planned, but that is explained in a bit.) This was supposed to be a 5-8 image test VN made mostly to test out the entire process before I make anything larger. Somehow last week I ended up expanding the VN until it became it’s current 23 images; so it isn’t that small anymore. It is essentially five mini-sets strung together in game form with a few choices thrown in. The basic story is that you control Elare the elf on her way back to her village, and assorted things can happen along the way.

It has a little something for everyone, and does feature a good end and a bad end currently. (The good ending is pretty much nothing though; I figured nobody would really bother with it and I had to stop myself from expanding this thing any further.) There are a ton of tags on this post showing some stuff that is in the game, along with a couple preview images below. The VN also has a cg gallery (for stuff you’ve seen) and some music thrown in. I will revise it later this month to fix a few small problems that remain, and possibly to expand the dialogue in spots; but that is not certain. If you want access to this, and/or want to support me making more renders/games like it, check out my Patreon page!






Slight delays, Patreon rewards sent.

Hey. As the title suggests, and as many of you have probably noticed, I have yet to post any new content yet due to some real life crap and me adding to/fixing RTL 10 again. The final set ended up being 41 images, each with a story and clean version. I think it is a really fun set and I sent it out along with the other appropriate content to my patrons a short while ago. Apologies to my patrons for the slight delay there, but since RTL 10 is now 33% larger (and has some new tags/types of content in it), I think it was worth it; hopefully you will all agree.

Back to the general content topic, I need a few more days to get either the mini-set and/or the DA images done since I have spent the last three days (which was all the spare time I had last week) on fixing RTL 10 again. So if nothing else happens I should get something up in a few days. Also, the polls could really use some more votes; the top one has over double the votes of the bottom poll for some reason. These polls help me know what you all want and are basically all the feedback I get from most of you; so more votes would help. As for the main content item this month, don’t expect much here before the very end of the month; I want to give that as much time as I can for assorted reasons. (Patrons know the plan already and will get more, earlier previews.)

RTL 10 Patreon early preview posted, coming here soon.

Hey again, quick update here. As the title says, the early preview of the next RTL chapter is now available to my Patreon patrons and will get posted here later this week. The main topic of this next set was voted on by my patrons last month, and I think it will turn out really nicely. In other news, the current votes in the polls are very low for whatever reason; more votes would be really appreciated.

Patreon stuff sent, status update.

Hi. Sorry for the late post, but this week has been crappy. Long story short, RTL 9 ended up being FIFTY images; (I really need to stop adding so much) the old post now reflects this. The mini-set for last month also got an additional two images, making eight. I just sent out the patreon rewards for last month and the assorted polls for this month, so hopefully next week I will know the results of those. Speaking of polls, this one here is coming along very nicely; but as always more votes is better, so keep voting and spread the word.

As for what I plan to do this month, I need to make some stuff for DA, finish the contest winner renders, do the mini-set and of course the animation I mentioned in last month’s poll. I will see what gets done first, but it will not be the mini-set. I hope to post sometime early next week with something; but don’t be surprised if it is later than that.

EDIT 4/15: I had a lot of real life crap to do the last few days and I am currently trying to get all the parts of this animation to work right. This usually happens, but this animation is my first two character animation attempt in a long time, so that and the environment makes this take longer. It may be done sometime tomorrow at the earliest, it should be well worth the wait though.

March mini-set finished!

Hi, sorry for the semi-late update, but this last week was really busy and I had no time for all this until the last few days. The main set still needs some work but I did get the mini-set done yesterday, a preview image is below. The set revolves around Lucia “playing” with a random traveler who passes by. The mini-set is fairly oral focused, with most of the content images being of Lucia sucking his cock (with close ups); but there is a special image at the end which is different, although the tags sort of give it away. The mini-set is currently six images, and will be set out at the start of next month to applicable patrons on my Patreon (along with all the other mini-sets, this is the 19th one; and a few are full size story sets!). Also do keep in mind that there will be TWO Patreon polls next month, one for all patrons (about the next main set) and one for the $15+ patrons (about that month’s mini-set.


In other news, I came across some information regarding one setting in Octane that I never touched until now; long story short, there is a small chance that I have had this setting wrong this entire time. (But it’s fixed now.) I have yet to totally confirm that this does what I have read that it is supposed to do, but it does seem to so far; the main set will really be the gauge though.¬†More votes in the polls here are appreciated as well; they are going well but more votes is almost always a good thing.

EDIT 3/25: I am mostly done with renders for RTL 9, but I still have all the composition/editing to do and I really want to go back and add one small scene; but I will likely wait and go back for that after finishing the core set as this has already taken longer than I wanted. (Though I think it came out really good and is well worth it.) I am going to try really hard to get previews posted this weekend, tomorrow at the earliest I would think.


RTL 9 Patreon preview up; coming here late this week.

Hi. As the title says, I just posted the RTL 9 early patreon preview for my patrons and it will get posted publicly at the end of this week. So far things are looking really nice and I am really seeing differences in what I can do with this new machine by making a whole scene on it and using more figures in a scene. This set should be quite nice, as it features some things I have really wanted to do but was unable to do until I got this new machine; but I will know for sure how everything worked out when it’s done. For the seven of you who actually read into these paragraphs, I posted something publicly on my Patreon page recently; you should check it out if you haven’t already. Anyway, the polls are going decently, but more votes is always good. Remember, I am using this as a gauge of interest; so more votes shows me that people are more interested in whatever the vote is about and/or the specific options voted for. This will almost certainly lead to a higher quality item being made and/or more consideration given to advisory polls. So check back later this week for the public preview of RTL 9, (or become my patron and see it now!) and spread the word about the polls and vote in them if you haven’t already!

Patreon rewards sent, RTL 8 previews updated.

Hey. As the title says, rewards for my paying patrons for last month have been sent out. On that topic, I did update the preview images in the earlier post for RTL 8 but waited to mention in it hopes that I would have the first animation done by now. (No huge differences, but still worth mentioning I thought.) However, due mostly to assorted real life stuff that needed done the past few days it is not done yet; so I will just mention the details of the final/updated RTL 8 and some other little things. I did not give a final count in the original post, as I thought that I was going to try and fix it still. (I have since updated that post to include the final total as well.) Little did I know how much I was going to end up fixing; but that just means more images again. The final set is 42 images, each with a clean and story version as usual.

In other news, I did fiddle around with some of the higher end content that I have for poser on my new machine and so far, things look pretty good. I have re-planned the next story set to attempt to include some higher quality content that my old machine could not handle; we will see how that works out next month. In any case, more votes in the polls would be appreciated and I hope to have this animation done by the end of this week.