Fifth Anniversary Trivia Contest!

Hey. Here is the main page for second ever contest – for my fifth anniversary; which takes the form of a trivia contest – so below are 23 questions regarding my assorted works over the years. (Allegedly someone wanted a puzzle type contest… and I really wanted to to something different than the writing contest I did last time.) I do not think these are particularly difficult… and the answers should be quite easy to find out, even if you have to do a little looking around between my assorted pages.

You need to get 22 of 23 questions correct to win one of the prizes, which are listed under the questions below. There are five prizes total, as this is for my fifth anniversary.

  1. What was the date of the first post on my old blog/site?
  2. What character was featured in my sixth mini-set?
  3. Who was the third main character I introduced?
  4. What was the name of the innkeeper in chapter three of RTL?
  5. What was the title of my fifth image (not mini) set?
  6. How old is Helenya?
  7. What character is featured in the first gallery image on my DA page?
  8. What is the title of the second item I uploaded to Slushe? (The first upload is two images, I mean the one after that.)
  9. What were the three characters/creatures that Zayla had sex with throughout the RTL story arc?
  10. Which chapter of RTL was titled “Minion Benefits”?
  11. What are the major things that Tabitha does not like?
  12. How many training options are there in SST?
  13. What were the names of the two guys that featured with Karen in her first image set?
  14. Which of the following creatures have I NOT made a render of at some point? [Nagas, Ogres, Mermaids, Centaurs, Golems]
  15. What was the title of the first post on my new site?
  16. Which character has the lowest general (non-sex) stats?
  17. What was the title of the micro VN I made?
  18. When was RTL chapter ten finished (previews posted)?
  19. What is the name of my Xmas themed side OC?
  20. Which main girls have I NOT done a walking animation for?
  21. What is the name of Helenya’s mother?
  22. What is the name of the place that James and Tabitha came from?
  23. Who rules over the catgirl tribe?

You do not need to answer in complete sentences, but when in doubt, give the full name/answer for something. Again, you need 22 of 23 correct to win; and obviously, you can only win once.

Also obviously, you need to be over 18 to enter/win.

Send answers to

Prize pool – if I reply to your email and confirm that you have won a prize, I will ask which of these you want… you can choose any that are still available: (These will get crossed out as people win them; once they are all gone, the contest is over. It could take one day or one month for that to happen… I have no way to know – it all depends on how many people enter and how quickly they get the questions right.)

  • One free custom commission (base)
  • One free regular commission (base)
  • Three free mini-sets of your choice (30 or earlier)
  • Free mini-set of your choice (40 or earlier)
  • Free copy of SST!