New cock preview!

Hi again. So below is a composite preview made to show Salune’s old cock vs her new one; minor edits notwithstanding. As you can see, the new one looks much better overall; and yes I did shrink it a tiny bit girth-wise to balance things out and enable better fitting into… various things. As you can see, I also can finally get the damn contact shield working on the new one; something the old one simply refused to do properly ever since I got Octane. (In poser, that melds with the model to create a seamless blend; in Octane it collides and makes a crappy black tearing around the edges that I have never figured out how to fix well enough.) In the past I have had to work around this obvious issue; but now better close ups are possible in addition to other things! (All sorts of fun morphs and things are available with this new model; such as foreskin and a cock ring!)

The only downside to all this is that yes, I have decided to redo all the current content for the game so far; (I don’t really see any choice, the new one looks so much better and any add on content after the fact won’t match unless I redo this) and it is looking to be a rougher job that I initially thought. I should be able to get all the re-renders done before next month’s rewards go out; but I am unsure how much time I will have left for new scenes this time around. I was hoping for one or two, but as it stands even one may be a challenge; I will do the best that I can. I am redoing almost twenty-five images as it stands; and many are getting minor corrections as well. This fancy new cock model was not something I ever considered or accounted for when making this, and though it will make everything better visually, it will push things back a bit as well; however, I think it is for the best.

I plan to re-post(?) some game scene previews next week sometime, likely the same ones I had before except with Salune’s new cock. In the mean time, please vote in the polls if you still haven’t yet, and check out my patreon page if you want to get in on some of this fancy new stuff!

3 thoughts on “New cock preview!

    1. redleatherart Post author

      As I mentioned in the initial post, all the things in the poll are things I can currently do; I still have no way to properly do that particular creature. There are many other things that were under consideration but not included in the poll due to there not being any way for me to do it well enough at the moment.

      I know there is something like that on the DAZ store, but it requires DAZ horse 2, which I do not have and do not plan to get for assorted reasons. Plus, it is listed as DAZ only and therefore not compatible with poser (which is what I use); in addition to all that, the DSON importer plugin for DAZ primary content (like Daz horse 2) is still broken and a huge pain in the ass to get working and/or use at all as far as I know.

      Unfortunately, I can’t say that this is likely to happen anytime soon really; although it is on the list of things to consider if/when the ability to do it presents itself.


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