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Some new previews of old things.

Hi again. I hope everyone is still safe/sane during this coronavirus mess. I am still working on the mini-set renders – and I need to redo one little bit in the patreon bonus render with Zayla in it; so it will still be a little longer on those. (I’ve had weather-related migraines for over a week straight now; so my progress has been limited.)

However, I came by to post a few old bonus mini-set previews that used to be exclusive to my Patreon page – from like a year ago, back when I first considered/tested posting two previews of each mini-set. These three previews somehow never got posted on here, or anywhere else that I am aware of – so I came by to post them on the master catalog, and also in the full version of this post linked below after the read more tag. (And also on slushe, etc.) They were exclusive on my Patreon for over a year – and I am sure they will do more good as public previews, now that the mini-sets in question are all long since retired. All modern second previews are posted publicly after a month or so… so it is high time these got posted too.

If you like any of these, consider buying the full mini-sets over on my gumroad, here: (more information on the mini-sets is over on the master catalog, here:

Also, check out my Patreon page for the current batch of mini-sets:
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Status update: 5/11

Hey. I am still working on the newest mini-set, and the weird weather over the past few days left me mostly unable to work on this from all the migraines. I am hoping to have it done a week from now… but we will just have to see what happens – I will do the best I can; but circumstances right now are a bit of a mess. So far, so good though… for whatever that means; people on DA seem to really like the new foxgirl character – and I do plan to have her be a recurring side character at the minimum, like Delfina from the mini-set two months back.

Anyway though – the Patreon May special poll is over, and it is likely no surprise that Zayla won again… and I am looking forward to making that once I get a good idea for it, and have to render time to spare. That will get posted to all my Patrons, and stay on my Patreon page exclusively… so if you want to see that, and all the other exclusive stuff I have under the “special” category over there, check out my Patreon page here:

Maybe new May polls.

Hey. It’s a new month, and therefore I have new polls as well as the results from the previous polls. There were are least some votes in the polls this time around; which is nice compared to the previous month… but still not that many for whatever reason. Thanks to those who voted… and at the very least I can tell those who voted were the ones who care enough about my work to do so. (Even if the total votes don’t actually match up with the number of voters… some people apparently didn’t pick three answers as it said to.) Also, I want to mention that I posted the May Patreon special poll last night – which will run through the 10th; which will decide the subject of a new patron-exclusive special image that I will make later this month for all my tiered patrons. So do check that out, if it applies to you; and if not, maybe consider supporting me and changing that! 😀

The first poll last month asked what your favorite types of adult content were… oddly enough the winning response was image sets; which is somewhat surprising. Games and movies tied for second place, and short animations, story sets, and individual images tied for third. The second poll from April asked what you though were the most important aspects of a female character – and no real surprise that body shape came in a clear first place. Sexual preferences/ability came in second, and race/skin tone as well as clothing preferences came tied for third place. Some interesting things to consider from all that… and I will keep that in mind when making future content.

As for the new polls, there are two again… the first asks if you prefer recurring (main) characters or mostly one-off (side) characters in adult content; and the second asks what your favorite finish is to an adult scene – with assorted choices. Do let me know your preferences there… and I will be back with at least a status update in a week or so at the outside. Also keep in mind that I am still looking for feedback regarding my work – so leave comments on the respective DA/slushe journal entries, or even comment on here with what ideas/fetishes/characters you are looking forward to seeing from me! 🙂 Stay safe everyone!