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Status update: 2/22 – March Patreon raffle announced!

Hi. Sorry this took so long – but those animation attempts really ate up my early month render time – so I had to do a lot of catching up this past week. Long story short – the mini-set renders are finally done, it ended up at 34 images and that was just sent out to appropriate patrons of mine! Patrons also got the bonus preview, which I will likely post elsewhere in a month or so – we will see. I think I also still need to list the latest retired mini-set on my Gumroad page… I will try to get to that as soon as I can.

A very interesting/exciting upcoming thing – next month I am holding my first ever commission raffle, for all my Patreon patrons! Late next month I will randomly select a winner from all my tiered patrons and they will be able to claim a free standard commission! (Standard commissions are the ones featuring my characters and/or generic ones, for those who don’t know.) I have wanted to try something like this for a while – so I am going to go ahead and test it out… we will see how it all goes. (One of my mid-level Patreon goals is to have these raffles each month, if/when I can get to a point where I will have the time for that…) For now though, this is a one time special event; and again, all active tiered patrons of mine next month are entered. I will do the random drawing/choose the winner on March 30th. The winner will have 72 hours after the selection/announcement to respond/claim their prize – if whoever the first choice is does not respond in that time, I will choose another winner… and so on – if necessary. Whatever the commission is, it cannot cross any of my normal “won’t touch” content types, and it will be public… so everyone will get to see it! πŸ˜€

My Patreon page is here, for quick reference:

So in regard to what remains of this month, I will be back again next week with the mini-set preview at the minimum; but I want to give that animation another go when I can… I will see what I can manage – that thing just eats up so much time. Other than that – more votes in the polls on the right would really be appreciated… one poll had no votes at all as of me posting this… and the other is rather low in terms of total votes as well – and a near total tie even so. I do use these poll results, and low/no results means I have little to no idea how people like different things; if you want me to make more of whatever you like/prefer – I need feedback of some sort… I thought the polls made it rather easy. (Or people could actually leave comments…)

Happy Valentines Day!

Hey again, Happy Valentines Day everyone! I came by with a tiny status update to let you all know that I did finish the other new stuff for today; that is all up on my DA/slushe pages (two totally new renders, some resposts) – and I also finished/posted the Patreon special bonus image and posted that a few days ago. So do check that out, and I hope you all enjoy that new content. I will now resume work on the renders for that Salune/tentacles mini-set, and try the animation some more after that gets situated. I should be back mid-next week sometime (maybe?) with some sort of update… we will see what happens. Otherwise, please do vote in the polls on the right – votes are rather low at the moment.

Also, final notice that my two current sales (commissions/gumroad) end tonight – so do check through the previous few posts for more details if you are interested in that. (As mentioned before, I have no further sale plans for either one in the near future after this.)

Status update: 2/10

Hi again. Sorry for the gap in posts – but I got a new mattress last week and lost two days worth of work on this due to the setup/delivery for that. I have been working on the animation as much as I can, though – and it is currently finishing the final render attempt that I will make for the full thing right now. It will likely run into tomorrow morning now, but I hope/think it might finally be fixed…? However, we will have to see how it ends up. If this attempt does not work, I will put this aside for the time being and finish the mini-set renders and the new DA/slushe stuff first – and likely get back to that later this month or something. (It takes over a day to render like… half of it, even with the limits; it is just too time consuming and I have other stuff that I want to finish before the end of the week – for Valentines day and such.) I do not want to just post the first half of the animation – since I do like what I have in theory… I will see what I want to do when it finishes. Again, sorry for the delay here – but I am trying an animation that is much longer and more complicated than any other that I have done so far; so that complexity and the sheer time required are really throwing me off schedule… especially with the real-life complications.

Also, the special poll on my Patreon page concluded last night – and Salune won that, so I will make a special/exclusive image of her and post that for my patrons soon as well. I also did go ahead and post an additional public preview for the final mini-set from last year – the Zayla/Minotaur one; that is now up over on the original post, the short story page, and the master catalog… so check that out if that set interested you! The full mini-set is still available to my mid-level patrons – and will be for a couple more months still. I also am currently planning to do one other special thing for my Patrons next month… but that is not final just yet; so I will wait to announce that until I am certain – but it likely is something that will interest people. πŸ™‚

There are only a few days left for the assorted sales that I have going on as well; which is to say, the commission sale and the gumroad discount code that I mentioned before. (Check my previous posts for more details.) Those both end at the end of this week, on the 15th – so do be sure to take advantage of those if you are interested. (I do not know when my next sale on either thing will be, so this is likely your best chance for a while.) Anyway – please vote in the polls on the right, and I will be back later this week with something… I am not entirely sure what yet, but there should be new DA/slushe stuff at the minimum.

New polls and a new sale!

Hey again everyone. I’m back with the new polls and the results from last time… as well as a new gumroad sale code! As for the last set of polls – the first asked about what you all wanted to see more of from me in 2020 in terms of content… and the vote was a large tie; with almostΒ  everything getting one vote – so at the very least some people like most of the various types of my content. πŸ˜€ I do plan/hope to get some of everything done at some point this year (as noted by my recent new animation attempt and short story) – but we will see what ends up happening later on… a lot of it depends on the time I have – and isn’t something I can really control. The other poll’s results were more distinct… it asked how you all felt about non-human cocks in adult content. Apparently many of you are not huge fans – which I find somewhat surprising, but it is good to know. I always treated it as a now and then sort of thing (to keep things interesting/different); obviously I never focused on them too much – most of my content has human cocks… for convenience and logic if nothing else. I’ll keep this in mind and try to focus more on human cocks… not that I was planning otherwise anyway – but you know what I mean.

As for the new polls – again, there are two up on the right here… the first one asks what you thought about my third short story – the one I posted a few days ago. The second new poll is an old poll that I brought back to check what has changed – it asks what your favorite type of adult scenario is… and you can choose your three favorites out of the given options. Please let me know your thoughts on those – these polls help me figure out what you all want to see! (Or at least what those of you who care enough to vote want to see.)

As for the sale – I decided to have another gumroad sale; this time for Valentines day – you can currently use this code to get 20% off anything in my gumroad shop until February 15th! The code for this sale is “rlavalentinesday“, (it should be working – let me know if there is a problem) and my gumroad page is here: (

Do check that out if any of my previous mini-sets interest you; and do keep in mind that bundles are available for the first 40ish mini-sets, where you can buy batches of six mini-sets for an additional discount! Be sure to check out my Master catalog for all the mini-sets up top for more info about each mini-set and an easy to browse list of the general contents and previews. πŸ˜€ I also want to mention that I am currently running a special poll on my Patreon page as well – for all patrons to decide the subject of a special bonus images that I will make/post for them for Valentines day. Check out my Patreon page here for the currently available set of mini-sets, (the four most recent) including the newest one: (

Anyway – please vote in the new polls and check back in a couple days to check for that new animation… whenever I can get that sorted out. (I haven’t had a chance to do it just yet, but it is next.) And do also remember that I am also having a commission sale for Valentines day as well – for 25% off couples commissions and/or 20% off solo female pinups! Check those sales out while you can, and I will hopefully be back soon. πŸ™‚